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Practical & Fierce Advocate

Amanda’s advocacy for protecting public health and the environment over the last several years has prompted her to lead a multitude of initiatives that have helped result in record-breaking grant funding for clean water and emerging contaminant treatment for drinking water across the State as well as in her local District. Equally important to her has been her advocacy for sponsoring, lobbying, and passing several important bills protecting public health. Most recently passed in the last session was S8763/A9824A, which will enable a water provider to hold a polluter, not our taxpayer, accountable for paying for contaminated water. This is one of many pieces of legislation she has fought for over the years. 


During her terms as commissioner at our district, Plainview Water District has been regarded as a regional and national leader for emerging contaminant removal, constructing six AOP systems for removing 1,4 dioxane, implementing treatment ahead of NYS regulations, and not requiring a compliance deferral. To help alleviate the costs associated with constructing the new treatment systems, the District has been awarded more than $34 million in grants from New York State as part of the WIIA (Water Infrastructure Improvement Act). Amanda also spearheaded the implementation of a nitrate-perchlorate removal system in which our district received a $2.7 million grant. This state-of-the-art ion-exchange system will be the only of it’s kind on the east coast and the 2nd  in the Country.

It has been Amanda’s goal of bringing together key stakeholders which have routinely been left out of important decision-making for the benefit of public health in an effort to provide a better quality of life for our community, pass more effective, practical legislation, and to fight for our right to clean safe drinking water. We have never been at a crossroads in our nation's history like we are today, and the extreme Supreme Court ruling on environmental protection is a setback in our fight against climate change. Amanda is once again pledging to be at the critical forefront for our community just as she has been in her first two terms.


In Amanda’s roles representing the Long Island region, Amanda has also formed the following partnerships, which bring together key agencies:

  • Advocated in Albany for funding, policies, and actions needed to protect clean water in New York State. Lobbied in Albany to secure never before seen statewide grant funding for emerging contaminants, infrastructure, and O&M costs to protect public health as part of the Clean Water Coalition’s agenda beginning in 2019.

  • Formed a partnership with both County and State Department of Health, holding weekly meetings with NY State DOH and Long Island’s water suppliers during the Pandemic to ensure Long Island’s Drinking water continued to be protected during the crisis.

  • Initiated meetings with State, County, and Town legislative offices to inform and collaborate with leaders of all levels on the state of Long Island’s water and the need for their support.

  • Built a partnership with New York State DEC and Long Island public municipalities to establish protocols for monitoring wells. 

  • Built a partnership with NY State and Nassau County Civil Service, resulting in desperately needed changes to both title specifications and the need to lift residency restrictions to expand staff availability.

  • Held a seat at Nassau County (OEM) Office of Emergency Management, enabling critical collaboration.

  • Attended and spoke at each New York State Drinking Water Quality Council meetings on behalf of Long Island water suppliers, advocating for practical implementations of treatment systems that were most protective of public health.

  • Led County’s American Rescue Plan Act Program’s Boost grants for water suppliers with the County Executive. 

  • Led the development of our District’s water conservation program; Preserve Plainview.

  • Formed a collaborative multi-tiered program with our local schools to give younger generations a greater understanding and appreciation for their community’s most precious natural resource: water. 


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