I believe that all of our critical issues are connected and must be looked at with a holistic approach, addressing the root causes of problems rather than repeatedly treating recurring symptoms. A hot topic of concern in our community is our safety. Bail reform has been at the forefront of discussions. I believe judges should have discretion in setting bail to evaluate a defendant's dangerousness. Judges must also be compelled to screen defendants for the need for services to address mental health, drug abuse and domestic violence. Responsible legislators must evaluate data and statistics and bring crucial stakeholders together before proposing legislation. In my current role it has been not only effective but essential to bring key representatives together. I also firmly believe that our safety takes precedence in protecting our families, our police and our most vulnerable populations, including addressing rehabilitation. I have been outspoken about my position in supporting efforts to support police by providing resources and training to assist our police departments for a program where officers have coordination with social services, health services, mental health, schools, youth, and drug and alcohol programs to proactively help people in crisis. I support the extension of Kendra’s Law and Assisted Outpatient Programs. (AOT programs).

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